Job description


Peer-To-Peer Probiotics (P2PP) is a young start-up that is recently incorporated. We are looking for a full-time product designer to help us develop the project and participate in shaping the prototype to a developed, tangible, and sustainable business idea.


In this regard we expect the designer to be able to:


  • - Understand or being able to learn about basic scientific concepts.
  • - Being interested about biotechnology, food technology and business development.
  • - Be able to take into account in the final design the different Product design considerations that the rest of the team is working on:
  • • State of the market and competitors
  • • Acceptability of the idea by our customers
  • • Ability to be produced at low cost in bioreactors
  • • Genetically Modified Organism regulations by FDA / EFSA
  • • Ability to be replicated using the technique backslopping
  • - Be able to provide basic visual information on the product and the company.

The stipend for this position will be negotiated depending on the profile of the applicant. This 2-month contract has the potential of being extended 6 more months and complemented with equity stock options from the company for mid and long-term employees.


We expect easy-going, friendly people with international experience to join our team of 5 co-founders from 4 different countries.



Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions by mail:

To apply for the job, please send a short CV or portfolio to the mail address above and a motivation letter or email. To learn more about our company, please visit or